Gator hunting in north Georgia

By truck and on foot, alligator trapper Jason Clark took FOX 5 Reporter Doug Evans under the bridge and to the very banks where residents have spotted a six-foot alligator in Peachtree City.

The latest picture taken of "Flat Creek Floyd," as he is known in these parts, was snapped by a Peachtree City worker near the end of April. The alligator was originally spotted by passing motorists and police starting in early April from an overpass on State Road 74 as it crosses the Flat Creek.

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Because of complaints, city officials have requested the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to capture the alligator. That job now falls to trapper Jason Clark of Southeastern Reptile Rescue.

"Those five, six, seven-foot alligators are not my favorites because they are so fast," Clark said.

He has successfully captured gators all across Georgia. However, he said it will be difficult to catch Floyd because of where he is living in the creek.

"Most nuisance alligators that we catch are in ponds and smaller areas that we can navigate around pretty easily," Clark said.

Clark said the alligator's habitat might be pushing farther north from central Georgia, bringing them closer to metro Atlanta. For example, he was unsuccessful last year in capturing a ten-foot gator less than two miles from the bridge where Floyd was spotted.

He told FOX 5 he would not be surprised if there were more alligators in Fayette County's Flat Creek than just Floyd.

We did not see Floyd during our visit to Flat Creek. Clark believes he might be living farther up the creek and comes down to the bridge to lie in the sun.

Peachtree City Police issued a warning to residents to stay away from Floyd after reports of Facebook selfies started appearing online. Clark said the more humans interact with Floyd; they not only put themselves in danger, but also make it more difficult to track, capture and relocate Floyd.

"An alligator that is used to humans is an alligator that will attack someday," Clark said. "Our goal is to capture him without hurting him and the relocate him far, far away from Peachtree City. "