Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade is a prime campaign stop for Md. politicians

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The annual Gaithersburg Labor Day parade has always had a lot of politicians, but as the 2016 election gets closer, this year's parade was even more popular with those looking for votes.

Among the marching bands, superheroes, boy scouts and even R2-D2 showing off for the crowds, politicians and their supporters were working hard on Labor Day in the Gaithersburg parade.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) is running for U.S. Senate. He said he wants Capitol Hill to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

"Right now, you see worker productivity going up very quickly in America over the last many decades, but the wages and real benefits for workers have been flat," he said.

Republican Gus Alzona is running for Van Hollen's congressional seat. The House candidate said he opposes raising minimum wage.

"I'm a small businessman and I would favor policies which favor small business, which give a higher priority to a small business over corporate cronyism," said Alzona.

Gaithersburg is in Congressman John Delaney's district. He has a plan for more jobs.

"I think this country should engage in a national trillion dollar infrastructure program to rebuild America," said Delaney (D-Md.). "It will create over ten million jobs."

A family of self-described conservatives disagreed with the politicians who paraded past them.

"I think that's all well and good except who is going to pay for it?" said Montgomery County resident Castro Giovanni. "I mean, money does not grow on trees. It just sounds like one more thing that is going to make my paycheck just a little bit smaller."

But it wasn't all serious political issues and glad-handing here. What did the kids enjoy most about the parade?

"I like all the performers," said Jurnee Padgett.

"I got to ride a scooter," said Zane Hood.

"Riding on the back of my dad's truck," Isa Brant told us.

"Being able to hold onto the truck and ride my skateboard," said David Gonzalez.

The children here may not have a job to celebrate on Labor Day, but they had a great time at the parade.