Frustrations over extreme heat and no AC in a Hyattsville apartment complex continue

Thousands of residents living at an apartment complex in Langley Park are trying to survive through some of summer's hottest days — with no air condition or power. 

Some say they've been dealing with these issues for years, but they can no longer bear the heat. 

Several people living at the Bedford and Victoria Station Apartments haven't had power in days, mainly because of damaged AC units. 

One resident told FOX 5 that when too many people have the air on in one building it causes the electricity in other units to shut off. 

A Prince George's County leader, who is aware of the issue, said that this is an old building and historically the complex has the most violations throughout the entire area. Councilwoman Deni Taveras says the building was neglected, but there are new owners who are planning, with some funding assistance from the county, to renovate this property. 

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Councilwoman Taveras has been working closely with the new owners, and she says that making sure these residents have a safe livable home is a priority. 

"They are going to receive a brand-new building essentially. We are going to gut out the building, gut out the units and starting brand new," she said. "They are expanding the electrical capacity hence the central air, improving plumbing, and the washing machines."

The councilwoman also confirmed that these families are paying market rate — between $1,400 to $1,800 a month — to live in the community.   

FOX 5 has learned both apartment buildings don't have the electrical capacity to sustain all the AC units. 

The buildings are part of a huge complex with about 600 units. A majority of the residents are Hispanic, and they believe their concerns have been neglected for years. 


FOX 5 reached out to the owners of the property and the management group.

The owner of the Bedford and Victoria Station Apartments, Jair Lynch, shared the following statement with FOX 5: 

"We are committed to providing quality attainable housing to the communities we serve and are working with Donaldson Property Management to address the issues Bedford and Victoria Station residents are currently facing. Our plans for the property include addressing deferred maintenance, making immediate repairs to outdated and failing systems, and charting a path toward sustainability for the property and its residents."
In a separate email sent to FOX 5, the Donaldson Group, which manages the property, stated: 

"Upon our initial onboarding to the property less than 60 days ago, we recognized that the property possessed an outdated electrical system along with a variety of other areas of opportunity for repair and renovation. We are currently working to address immediate issues to ensure our residents receive proper electricity which powers the individual air condition units, but we are also in the midst of a longer-term initiative to improve the property conditions overall. Once the immediate issues are resolved, we look forward to making significant improvements to the property including the replacement of windows, the addition of sustainable features including smart thermostats, LED lighting, and more, along with enhanced security camera systems, to ultimately improve the quality of housing for our valued residents. We recognize that there is much to be done to improve the living conditions at Bedford and Victoria Station and we appreciate the community’s patience and support as we work to make this apartment community a better place for our residents."