Florida woman hospitalized with COVID-19 comes home to find husband dead of COVID-19

A Polk County woman battling COVID-19 in the hospital came home to a horrifying scene involving her husband.

"It was like walking into a horror film, and I wish I had never seen him like that because I can’t get that picture out of my head," Lisa Steadman tearfully told FOX 13.

She found her husband, Ron, dead from the virus.

Ron had been diagnosed at a walk-in clinic with COVID a week and a half before. Since his case did not seem severe, he was sent home with medication to recuperate.

Meanwhile, Lisa was struggling in Winter Haven Hospital.


Ron and Lisa Steadman

"I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t stop throwing up," she recalled.

She was becoming exhausted from the struggle to just keep going.

"It is like you don’t have no bones in your body. You can’t move. You’re just that weak."

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After about a week, during one of the couple’s phone conversations, Ron told Lisa his phone was not holding a charge. The following day she called him but couldn’t get through, so she asked Winter Haven police to check on him.

When they did, everything seemed to be OK.

Two days later, Lisa was released from the hospital. When she got home, she found Ron dead.


"They say he died of COVID-related problems because they know he had COVID," Lisa continued. "They don’t know if he had a heart attack from COVID or if he had an embolism. They don’t know."

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Neither Lisa nor Ron had been vaccinated. After going through this, Lisa plans to have the shot.

LINK: If you want to help Lisa with funeral and other personal expenses, she has set up a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/donate/538272510830722/543014757023164/


Ron and Lisa Steadman