Family defects from anti-vaccination stance after 7 children contract whooping cough

An Ottawa family who used an "alternative" vaccine schedule for some of their children, while others were unvaccinated, has changed their point of view after all seven of their children contracted whooping cough.

In the blog, "The Scientific Parent," mom Tara Hills wrote on April 8 that all seven of her unvaccinated children had the respiratory infection— and may have given it to her five-month-old niece who is too young to be fully vaccinated.

After a games night at the family home in March, the children came down with a dry cough, which Hill wasn't concerned about because her brother-in-law, who was at the party, had a cold. A week later, their symptoms worsened. Eventually the three youngest children were coughing so hard they would gag or vomit.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), whooping cough, or pertussis, is highly contagious and, while it resembles an ordinary cold at first, it may eventually turn more serious, particularly in infants.

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