Families want answers after Maryland AG announces potential re-evaluation of medical examiner cases

Last week, the Maryland Attorney General’s office announced that it is considering reviewing the cases former state medical examiner David Fowler was responsible for in the wake of his testimony on behalf of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

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Chauvin was on trial for his role in the death of George Floyd, which ignited protests in cities across the United States.

Frosh said he had spoken with Governor Larry Hogan regarding re-examining the cases last week, after he received an open letter from former D.C. medical examiner Roger Mitchell, which said Fowler showed bias during his testimony on behalf of Chauvin.

The family of 19-year-old Anton Black – who died in police custody on the Eastern Shore three years ago – told FOX 5 they were shocked when they learned that Fowler was testifying as an expert Chauvin’s trial.

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They believe Fowler colluded with police to conceal their responsibility in Black’s death.

Now, a group that says it represents those who have been targeted by alleged police misconduct, is asking the AG’s office to take the campaign a step further.

They want the prosecutor’s office to expand the scope of its re-evaluation to include other cases of police misconduct.

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They also want the attorney general to clarify his role in the review, saying he has a conflict of interest since Black’s family and others have filed lawsuits against the state.

Finally, they’re pressing the governor to sign a bill that would "close a loophole" that they say the state is using to deny people the right to appeal the manner of death.