Fairfax County police arrest teen for spreading antisemitic flyers near Jewish community

A teen accused of leaving antisemitic flyers at homes in Fairfax County was arrested over the weekend. 

People were outraged over the hateful rhetoric.

Fairfax County police said they encountered the teenage suspect at a Target store on Sunday. Store employees said he was shoplifting. Police records show the teen was trying to steal a staple gun, sandwich bags, glue, and other items, that could be used to put up more antisemitic flyers in neighborhoods. 

The aforementioned Target is located a few minutes from where police say he targeted a Jewish community.

Antisemitic flyers hanging over a campaign sign in a front yard.

One of the flyers was found draped over a campaign yard sign over the weekend.


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Splotches of paint covered up what’s left of racist graffiti Monday, spotted over the weekend at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda.

The flyers take aim at several prominent Jewish figures and groups.

Fairfax County Delegate Karrie Delaney told FOX 5 more flyers were stuck on home doors and car windows.

A homeowner’s surveillance camera captured video of the suspect, and they shared it with police.

Officers were able to talk to people in the community, track down the teen, and arrest him.

The suspect is charged with petit larceny, and he’s currently in jail at the juvenile detention center.