Fairfax City to pave over forest, all to revamp George Snyder Trail

The bulldozers could reportedly come out as early as this year in Fairfax City to pave over forest, all to revamp the George Snyder Trail. 

Thanks to what some concerned residents are calling a loophole allowing the project to move forward. The backdrop is one of few remaining forests in the area. Residents are hoping to preserve it.

We’re told four of seven Fairfax City council members don’t support moving forward, four also didn’t support an alternative. So the council is now relying on a vote from last year to move forward with the multi-million dollar project.

These concerned Fairfax City residents met with FOX 5 today to show us what’s at stake if the George Snyder Trail Project continues to move forward. They say at least 6-hundred large trees would go away plus nearly 5-hundred trees would be lost to stream restoration.

The project near Stafford Drive reportedly costs an estimated 18-million dollars. Critics say it's environmentally damaging and lacks community support. They also argue taking down so many trees would leave the area vulnerable to flooding. Supporters point out it would provide additional trails for bicyclists and more.

We’re told right now bids are coming in and if it appears the project will cost more than the budgeted 18-million dollars, it could come back to staff and the mayor for a vote.


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