Experienced educator shares tips for keeping children learning at home

As parents find themselves suddenly homeschooling their children during school shutdowns related to coronavirus, a longtime educator is sharing tricks of the trade for warding off brain drain during the weeks that schools create online instruction.

Shayla Adams-Stafford works as an education consultant, helping teachers across the country and world educate through Project Based Learning.

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Adams-Stafford recommends parents break up their child's day into learning blocks of about 60-90 minutes and let students choose their own activities.

She says there are plenty of E-books and reading materials online for students, and recently the New York Times released dozens of writing prompts for students of all ages.


"We have to continue infusing students with literacy every day. Reading and writing, practicing their math and particularly making sure that students are learning new vocabulary," she said.

According to Adams-Stafford, parents should consider using a Google app to take children on virtual field trips.

Learning can also be done outside.

Resources for parents helping to keep their child learning and engaged at home can be found here