EXCLUSIVE: Video shows thief stealing SUV by using pickup truck to push vehicle down the street

An SUV was stolen from a Northeast D.C. neighborhood, but what makes this theft remarkable is the way it happened.

At first, it looks like your average car break-in. However, the alleged thief does the unusual. Surveillance video shows him pulling up a pickup truck to the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT parked on 24th Street in the Langdon Park neighborhood. He bumps the SUV out of its parking spot and then pushes it down the street.

After finding out his Jeep was gone, the owner of the stolen vehicle called 911 six times. Four of the calls went through. For more than an hour, he waited for police. However, Joshua Smith said he was told, "There are other higher priorities happening in the city and the police officers have handled those as priority happens."

How did he feel when he heard that?

"Awful," said Smith. "Like my situation was not dangerous enough for them to send out a police officer to help me."

Tired of waiting, Smith took matters into his own hands. He found his car's location on his phone app.

He showed up to an empty lot on Minnesota Avenue four miles away from his house. His wrecked SUV sat parked in an obscure corner. He called police again.

"We were literally sitting in front of a stolen vehicle in an unknown neighborhood with God knows what happening around us and no police officer assistance," Smith recalled.

Police eventually showed up and took a report. But Smith was again left to play detective scouring surrounding businesses for video that shows his SUV still being pushed through the streets of the District by another car.

Smith said no one from the police department has reached out to him since the report was taken.

"Nobody has returned our calls, nobody has returned our emails," he said. "It's just been frustrating."

Smith said he was finally contacted by the Fifth District's commander for the police department on Thursday. However, FOX 5 is still waiting for a statement from D.C. police about this case.