Early voting begins in West Virginia with long lines, some parking tickets

Early voting started Wednesday in West Virginia, and while many people expected long lines at the polls, they weren’t expecting parking tickets when they got back to their cars.

But that’s what happened to approximately 17 people parked outside of the Jefferson County Courthouse in Charles Town, according to Police Chief Chris Kutcher.

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It led to some scathing comments on social media. One Facebook user wrote, “this is unacceptable.” Another said, “I sure wouldn’t be paying mine.” “Someone should call 911 and report it as voter intimidation,” added a third.

In the end, none of that will be needed. Chief Kutcher told FOX 5 Wednesday evening that if people call the department to say they were parked legally while voting, their fines will be forgiven.

“Based on the magnitude of the situation, certainly I think it’s right for us to honor that and we’ll take care of those citations,” Kutcher explained. Although, that’s not to say it’s going to be a parking free-for-all down at the courthouse. “We want to make sure people are parking legally, they’re not on the sidewalk, they’re not the wrong direction or in prohibited areas.”

A FOX 5 photojournalist also received a parking citation while shooting video at the courthouse Wednesday. He has already paid the $10 ticket.