Drivers warned to be vigilant after string of delivery truck takeovers

Delivery drivers beware! Crooks are targeting package delivery trucks this holiday season. In fact, there have been three incidents in the D.C. area just days apart.

UPS, FedEx and USPS trucks were either stolen or the drivers were robbed in the last couple weeks — the crooks are likely targeting the goods inside.

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The incidents have taken place most recently in D.C. with UPS and in Maryland with FedEx — not yet in Virginia, but police are warning delivery truck drivers to be vigilant.

Ultimately, when it comes to crimes of opportunity delivery trucks are no exception.

Protecting holiday packages starts long before they arrive home.

Arlington County Police warn delivery truck drivers to not leave trucks open and unattended or running during drop-offs. They also urge the community to report any suspicious activity or behavior in the area.

“These are instances a lot of times when someone has left a vehicle unattended and that’s how it gets stolen,” said Kirby Clark, a communications specialist with Arlington County police.

On Tuesday night near Philadelphia, a FedEx driver shot a would-be robber. The suspected robber died and the driver was reportedly shot once in the stomach. The would-be robber apparently started shooting after the driver had just delivered Christmas gifts to a young girl.

FedEx says they’re working directly with customers who have been impacted. 

UPS was tight-lipped about the incident in D.C. saying they do not disclose any security methods to maintain their effectiveness.