Dogs chew through door, attack elderly woman in Florida

The owner of three dogs who chewed through a door and attacked an elderly woman publicly apologized Monday for what happened to the victim.

Hernando County deputies were called that morning after the woman was ambushed by three dogs on Spring Lake Highway in Brooksville, Florida. a passerby stopped to help her, putting her in his pickup truck and calling emergency crews.

She was treated by fire rescue and then air-lifted to a trauma center. Her injuries were said to be severe.

Deputies and animal control officers who came to help said one of the dogs tried to attack them, as well. They used non-lethal beanbag rounds to subdue the dogs and they were taken to Hernando County Animal Services.

Monday afternoon, the dogs' owner told FOX 13 News he wasn't home with the dogs chewed their way through the back door of his mobile home. Ralph Hughes says he raised the 5-year-old dogs since they were puppies, but immediately after the incident, he gave permission for the dogs to be euthanized.

"I cried like hell, you know? I'm still crying. I'm so sorry. If I could change it, I would. I'm just sorry," Hughes said.

All three dogs were up-to-date on their shots and were licensed. Huges was cited for having three unrestrained dogs and causing a public nuisance.