Did police let a dangerous driver off the hook?

Did the Woodstock Police Department let a dangerous driver off the hook? Some people have raised the question after a dash cam video surfaced on social media.

It started after someone called 911 to report a woman driving a Nissan Murano weaving all over the road, first on Interstate 575 and then Georgia Highway 92. Police eventually pull up behind the woman.

The video shows officers declining to arrest a woman who seems very impaired. In the video, a Woodstock Police officer reassured the driver moments after he learned this was not her first time. The officers then found out her grandfather has passed away.

The person who posted the video posed a series of question: Why no sobriety test? Was she related to the officers? Woodstock Police responded. In a Facebook post they stated that officers reported that he had detected no odor of alcohol about the driver or emanating from the vehicle whatsoever and neither of the officers knew the woman at all.

Instead of an arrest, officers said they had the woman call a family member to pick her up. The officers waited about 15 minutes for someone to pick up the woman. Woodstock Police said a typical DUI takes about 2 hours to process, meaning the officer would have been off the road for much longer.

But Woodstock Police said they did find one violation. One of the officers had turned off his microphone several times in violation of department policy. They promised that appropriate actions would be taken.

The police department described the encounter as one of compassion and reasonable exercise of the officer's authority.

Click on the video above to see excerpts from the video