Deer crashes through Georgia Applebee's

The Calhoun Applebee's location is doing a bit of a clean-up today after a deer jumped through a window at the store.

According to employee Joshua Bumgardner, he and another employee heard a crash which they thought was their dish washer dropping glasses in the dining room. "We left the kitchen to go check out the commotion and found that a deer had charged through one of our windows in the front of the building. The deer made its way back into the kitchen. Which it had slipped and slide all through the kitchen it wasn't wearing it's slip resistant hooves," said Bumgardner.

Bumgardner dialed 911 and by the time the officer had arrived, the deer had escaped through a back door. "We have been told that it's rutting season and that the deer had possibly seen his reflection in our window and thought it was another buck and charged at it."

No one was hurt except the deer with a broken antler and busted snout.