DC store shut down for synthetic drugs back in business

A store that was the first to be shut down after D.C. passed its new synthetic drug law has reopened for business.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory affairs shared new details on Friday on the very first bust under the new law.

FOX 5 was the first to report the closure of the market on Friday.

Bladensburg Market-Dollar Plus was served a notice on Monday, which shut the store down because of a violation of D.C.'s strict new law cracking down on the sale of the illegal products.

"We're very serious about this and we just learned of one closure where there was a safe full of synthetic drugs found on the premises," said Mayor Bowser.

"If it's not good for the human consumption, then they need to be shut down for selling it," one Northeast resident said to FOX 5.

She and other neighbors who live along this corridor of Bladensburg Road say they are relieved to see police cracking down on stores for allegedly selling synthetic drugs like Bizarro and Scooby Snax.

But the synthetic drug deals don't just go down in stores. They also happen on the streets. Our FOX 5 cameras captured police arresting suspected dealers Thursday night at a park dubbed "Scooby Park."

Mayor Bowser said police are working on fighting the problem on that front, but there are other hurdles law enforcement faces when it comes to convicting dealers and users.

"You've heard the U.S. attorney say he's working with the DEA to stay ahead, but what we found is these compounds change and we want to make sure the law enforcement can test for it," Bowser said.

The new law gives police the power to shut down businesses for four days after a first offense. Stores can be closed permanently for repeat offenses.