DC Sniper Shootings 20 Years Later: An Interactive Timeline

As part of our look back at the DC Snipers story through our website & podcast series, we've put together a detailed timeline of the events taking place across the Beltway in October 2002.

Below, you can view an interactive timeline and where you see a link emoji, click for a related story or video from the FOX 5 DC archives.

If you're having any trouble viewing the timeline, particularly on mobile devices - click here to open it to view on your device's browser.


We've also taken a deep dive into the FOX 5 archives and will add clips from the archive on this page and to the timeline above throughout the next couple of weeks as we release new podcast episodes. Below is one example, when we first established a timeline of the first 24 hours in which the DC Snipers began their reign of terror on the DC region. 

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