DC Metro ranked #1 in country, according to new study

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has its share of problems. Several attacks have recently been reported inside Metrorail stations; new reports says that nearly 50 red light violations have been investigated over the last few years; and just yesterday, a shooting at the Anacostia Metrorail station left a man injured and several teens facing charges.

But that didn't stop Metro from taking the top spot when it comes to cities and their public transportation systems.

A new study has ranked Washington, D.C.'s metro system number one in Best Cities for Public Transportation.

The tech firm SmartAssests crunched census bureau data on public transportation us for every city with a population of at least 175K people.

The five areas in particular that the study considered were:

1. The average commute time for transit users

2. Percentage difference between average commute times of car commuters and transit users.

3. Percentage of commuters who use public transit.

4. The total number of commuters who use public transit.

5. The difference between citywide median income and the median income of transit users.

This is the first time the firm has done this study.

It does not focus on the accidents and other issues surrounding metro - just the numbers.

Rounding out the top five of the136 cities ranked were San Francisco, Boston, Chicago and New York City.

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