DC meets Disney in an effort to remind us of the power of magic

A photographer is spreading magic around D.C. to remind people that the world is filled with it.

When you think of Disney, you think of magic! Because what else, if not that?

One photographer on Instagram is taking that magic to the next level. Christopher Walker has "bippity boppity boo'ed" the District by incorporating Disney in pictures that capture the ever so enchanting city.

When he moved to D.C. he was thrilled to be steps away from its alluring architecture, skylines, and as he put it, "bountiful visual quirks."

So when the term "swamp" began to negatively describe the city, he thought of how Walt Disney World is literally perched on a swamp!

"We in the district are blessed with living in one of the most beautiful swamps on Earth-- the happiest swamp on Earth to me," Walker told FOX 5.

And so, the idea to incorporate magic into an already magical city was born. Walker selects characters based on location, often times incorporating humor and joy. The goal is simple, to break away from the "real world."

As you can see, his pictures do exactly that.

Dubbed as the "Disney Kid" in grade school, Walker and his siblings grew up on Walt Disney. His mom, who he thanks for passing on the love of its magic, was a Disney kid herself.

Walker's pictures are but a mere effort to remind us that there is magic everywhere we go.

"I wanted to spread the message that despite all the craziness, change and troubles of the world, something still remains constant which is the magic and happiness we create for ourselves, day by day. "

Disney is Walker's muse, and D.C. is his medium. Keep on spreading magic, Walker!