DC man's social media post exposes credit card skimmer at popular Northwest Safeway

A D.C. man's social media post is serving as a reminder that credit card skimmers can be found just about anywhere. It's a renewed warning to shoppers — watch where you swipe.

John Perry-Miller lives near the Safeway on Wisconsin Ave. in Northwest D.C. and said he goes there about three times a week, calling it the neighborhood "social Safeway."

But on Wednesday night, John said he discovered something as he was paying at the self-checkout kiosk that raised a red flag.

"The keypad was sparkling clean like it was brand-new, but the rest of the kiosk was well-loved," John said. "I thought that was quite odd, so I started to feel it, and it was soft, rubbery and I realized this was the skimmer. This is not the actual keypad."

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DC man's social media post exposes credit card skimmer at popular Nortwest Safeway

John said he immediately called an attendant over and, together, they both pulled on the piece until it came off. John then snapped a photo to post on social media as a warning to others.

That post on X has now been viewed tens of thousands of times.

John said he was concerned about others and encouraged them to check their cards and bank statements if they shop at this Safeway location. He said this particular location has done a lot lately to keep things safe.

"They just spent so much money on a big renovation, security-wise. You can't enter the Safeway without passing through gates, and you can't exit the Safeway in Georgetown without scanning your receipt," John explained. "But the sad thing is, the crime is happening inside the store now."


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Shoppers FOX 5 spoke with say it definitely worries them - and investigators want to note, criminals using skimmers to get card information and pin numbers is nothing new.

"It's pretty sketchy," said shopper Lee Block. "I don't think it changes my willingness to shop here, but I'm definitely gonna investigate before I swipe my card."

DC man's social media post exposes credit card skimmer at popular Nortwest Safeway

Police say it's smart to be cautious and use your card to tap to pay when you can, or use Apple Pay or Google Pay for purchases.

"They place a fake keypad on top of the real point of sale system that looks identical. It's fairly easy to take off, the adhesive isn't that strong, because of the reason, when they come in, they put it in a matter of seconds and when they take it off, they do the same," said Detective Ray Yako with the El Cajon Police Department about a similar case in California recently.


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The breach involved the discovery of skimmer devices on PIN pads, potentially compromising customer payment card information. The tampered PIN pads were found between November 3 and November 9.

D.C. police said a fraud theft call was made from the Safeway on Wednesday and if a report is filed with the Telephone Report Unit, MPD's fraud unit will investigate.

Safeway sent FOX 5 the following statement:

"Safeway takes these issues seriously and is investigating this matter, in coordination with law enforcement, to ensure appropriate action has been taken. In addition, we have implemented additional controls and associate training to help prevent this type of activity in the future."