DC ice cream shop Everyday Sundae part of a community of giving

Ice cream shop Everyday Sundae in Petworth opened up in 2021 when owner Charles Foreman was laid off from a corporate job. 

Now, he's putting smiles on faces all across his community – whether his customers have the $3.50 for a scoop of ice cream or not. 

"I live in the neighborhood and sometimes there's kids in the neighborhood, or people in the neighborhood, who may not always have it. I figured, what could it hurt, to give to someone who may not be as fortunate as I am," said Foreman to FOX5. 

Foreman said he didn't start giving out ice cream to be recognized, but a mother who came in saw him give away a free cone to a local kid. 

"She gave us $100 and said, make sure you keep doing it," said Foreman. "I think that's what it takes, if you have something and you're a little bit more fortunate that somebody else, you should give a little something back." 

Everyday Sundae serves up specials like Waffle Wednesday, with menu items like fresh waffles topped with strawberries and ice cream flavors like banana pudding. 

"My son and I, we love dessert. And when we would finish dinner there was nowhere in our neighborhood to get dessert. So I said well, I'm going to do it for us," said Foreman. "This is my community, and I don't want anyone to be excluded."