DC airport perimeters breached 10 times in past decade

(AP) -- Intruders got past fences and gates at airports serving the nation's capital 10 times in the past decade; none appeared to involve terrorism and all were caught.

Most recently, in January 2016, a man breached the perimeter security at Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, but most breaches were at Washington Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virginia.

Nationally, AP documented at least 345 perimeter security breaches at 31 of the nation's busiest airports between 2004 and mid-February.

In that span, Reagan had two breaches, Dulles had eight. Elsewhere, breaches remain as frequent as ever, happening about every 10 days at one of the airports AP studied.

Airports say their outer defenses are strong and note that none of the breaches involved a known terrorist plot.

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