Council examines future of Little Falls Parkway 'car diet' plan

The Montgomery County Council is hearing testimony on Monday over a controversial "car diet" realignment of a busy Bethesda road. It’s a plan that’s sparked annoyance, outrage, and even legal action.

At issue: Little Falls Parkway in Bethesda

Last year, Montgomery Parks closed two of the parkway’s four lanes and wants to permanently dedicate those lanes to pedestrians and cyclists. The move comes despite strong local opposition to making the changes permanent. 

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Council examines future of Little Falls Parkway 'car diet' plan

Neighbors tell FOX 5 the changes have made the road both congested and dangerous.

"The changes that we have been enduring for the past year and a half have actually made the road more dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians because they are crossing two lanes of traffic at the Capital Crescent Trail Crossing at one time," said Carl Becker, a Little Falls Parkway neighbor.

Earlier this year, the nearby Kenwood Citizens Association, which borders the road, filed a lawsuit against the proposed road diet in Little Falls Parkway. Councilmember and Parks Committee Chair Andrew Friedson says the county is still considering options.

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