Controversial photo leads to internal investigation of Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall police

In a FOX 5 exclusive, officials at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall now say they are conducting an internal investigation after a photo surfaced depicting several officers who patrol Arlington National Cemetery smiling and laughing while pretending to beat a fellow co-worker.

A source within the base police department shared the photos with FOX 5 and says the officers took the pictures on Thanksgiving Day while on duty at the cemetery.

FOX 5 has blurred the officer's faces because the base has not confirmed that the officers violated any policies, but a base spokesman says at least two officers in the photos are on administrative duty during the investigation.

The photos show seven officers holding what appears to be batons, pepper spray and other weapons and smiling as they pretend to beat a fellow officer who is being held down on the ground.

Base spokesman Michael Howard tells FOX 5 the officers were "horsing around" and that the incident deteriorated into "unprofessional behavior."

Howard says the officers' actions do not represent the views of the base or the police agency.

Police at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall patrol and respond to potential crimes on the base and at Arlington National Cemetery.

Arlington National Cemetery leadership said in a statement:

"Arlington National Cemetery leadership is deeply troubled and disappointed by the images captured. The incident is being investigated by Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall leadership and therefore Arlington National Cemetery has no further information pending the results of the investigation."