Controversial George Washington University employee arrested

George Washington University made headlines last September when it hired a former radicalized Islamic extremist.

That same hire is in trouble with the law once again. Jesse Morton was hired by the university to work as a fellow in its Program on Extremism. The university took a chance on him, and now he's been arrested.

Morton is accused of having illegal drugs on him while meeting a prostitute.

The decision made by George Washington University to hire Morton, formerly known as Younus Abdullah Muhammad, was met with a good deal of skepticism. Morton had spent three years in prison for advocating for Al Qaeda, making threats against people he felt insulted Islam, and denouncing the United States.

A spokesperson says that at the time they were drawn to Morton because of his real world experience - he was a radical, he got out, and to have that perspective would help them get a window in understanding radical groups.

Morton was not hired as a professor and was never meant to have any relationship with students. He was providing consulting services for the program on extremism. When he was hired Morton spoke with Fox News about how his troubled younger years led him into the world of Terrorism.

Morton was convicted of conspiring to solicit murder and other terror related charges. Though sentenced to more than 11 years, Morton served less than three years before he was released in February, 2015. He then went on to be hired by George Washington University, until his latest arrest.

The arrests happened during a sting operation on December 28 in Fairfax County.

Police say Morton answered an ad for a prostitute on and had drugs on him when he showed up at a hotel to meet her.

George Washington University released a statement that reads:

"Jesse Morton is no longer providing consulting services for the Program on Extremism as of January 2. The reasons for his departure are unrelated to his to work with the Program on Extremism."

Not only did the FBI sign off on George Washington University hiring Jesse Morton in the first place, so did the federal prosecutor who put him behind bars.