Community reacts to video of white Montgomery County police officer using the N-word

A Montgomery County Police officer is under investigation for using a racial slur. The officer, who is white, can be heard using the N-word while questioning several men outside a McDonalds in White Oak Thursday morning.

Police say they were called to the McDonalds at around 10:30 a.m. after a group of men was reported for trespassing. The men say they were outside the fast-food restaurant waiting for their boss to pick them up for work.

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On Thursday night, police released a long version of a heavily circulated video that was recorded by one of the men in the group and shared on social media, as well as body camera footage from the officer in question. View the videos below:

(WARNING: These videos contain strong language that may be offensive to some.)

FOX 5 caught up with Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich Friday. He is in the process of picking a new police chief. He had this to say about the video:

"It totally sends the wrong message and I guess I am a little bothered by how pleased she seemed with herself in the video. I mean, it wasn't like someone reacting in anger, which I get anger and rash statements, but it was like she seemed happy that she had said it."

Police say internal affairs is now investigating the officer's language. FOX 5 was unable to learn her duty status other than she was not working Friday.

Captain Tom Jordon says the department will not comment on whether the officer's police powers have been revoked, calling it a personnel matter. Jordon says the department will not say what duties the officer will have going forward other than she has more than 10 years of experience on the job and is assigned to the Silver Spring station.

David Lemon, the man who shot the video, says he now fears he could be fired because his boss saw him in handcuffs.