Church finds bullet holes through building, welcome sign

Forsyth County deputies are searching for the vandals who shot a church's sign and house of worship.

"I hope it's teenagers. I don't see it being something more than that, it would be more troubling," said Father Eugene Antonov of the Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Orthodox Church.

Church members discovered multiple bullet holes through walls of their house of worship under construction, the windows and the front welcome sign.

"I hope somebody would understand, they did a very bad, very dangerous thing," Father Antonov said, who was glad the bullets did not strike him or his family. He lives in a house next door holds liturgies at the smaller building on the property.

Deputies in Forsyth County said there have been no threatening incidents against the church throughout its many years in the county, and believe that people around the church's rural area may have recklessly fired their guns.

The church has not tallied the cost. The congregation has been working to raise money to finish the construction of their larger house of worship, which was put on hold due to financial reasons.

"We are going to enjoy Christmas anyway," Father Eugene said, who promises to pray for the vandals.

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