Cherry blossoms hit stage 5, full bloom expected earlier than projected start date

A National Park Service spokesperson shared that the cherry blossom bloom has reached stage 5, one stage away from peak bloom.

According to an NPS spokesperson, peak bloom is expected to come earlier than the projected start date.

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A factor in the timing of the bloom has been the unusually warm winters the D.C. region has seen in recent years, prompting the cherry blossoms to reach their flowery peak earlier than expected. 

With temperatures heading into the weekend and rounding out to seasonal numbers, that could slow down the process of bloom. 

"If we hit peak by say Monday or so, which is possible, we will be considerably earlier. If we don't, it'll probably be later in the week, very close to that original 23rd or 26th date," said Mike Litterst, National Park Service spokesperson. 


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It's the first day of spring and the 2023 National Cherry Blossom Festival is underway. All around the D.C. region people are finding fun ways to take in the beauty of the city’s famous cherry trees.

The city will celebrate the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival from March 20 to April 14. Fun activities include a kite festival, a cherry blossom 5K and a parade.

The District’s cherry blossoms date back over 111 years to an original 1912 gift of 3,000 trees from the mayor of Tokyo.