Car goes off side of parking deck in Atlanta

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A driver is lucky to be able to walk away with only minor injuries after his car slammed through a fence and flipped about 30 feet off a parking deck in northwest Atlanta.

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It happened at a parking lot along Marietta Street NW near Brady Avenue sometime after 5 p.m. Surveillance video shared with FOX 5 News shows the white compact car rounding the corner from West Marietta street heading south. The car speed around stopped traffic into the parking lot of Mouth Peace Dentist.

The car then goes off the screen as it hits the chain-link fence. The car's license plate falls from the backend and a hubcap was left rolling to stop on the upper deck.

The car then hits the retaining wall of the building, flipping it over. The car is then seen in another angle of the surveillance video doing a swan dive about 30 feet below.

The car landed right in front of -- and shocked -- an unsuspecting person washing a car in the garage of Carvana Atlanta just next door. The man came out not knowing what just happened.

This all happened during rush hour as employees of nearby businesses went about their daily routines, only to watch a car come crashing down from above.

"When we heard the first boom, we thought that it was the train cars hitting together," said Dr. Aletha Chappelear, who runs Alive & Wellness which is located just below the parking deck.

Chappelear, a chiropractor, heard the commotion and could be seen running to help. She said she put down sheets to help the man get out of the car by himself without being cut by an glass.

"Surprisingly, he was in really good condition. The only part of the car that wasn't dented in was the part that was directly over his head," said Dr. Chappelear.

SKYFOX 5 was over the scene minutes after the accident. It got a good look of the damage done to the roof by the car as well as the car on the ground.

"We've counted our blessings here today," said Chappelear. "He was extremely lucky he was okay."

The man was held still at the scene until medics and firefighters arrived at the scene. The man kept telling Chappelear that his foot got stuck on the pedal.

The driver's name has not yet been released. No word on any charges.