'Black Panther' fan dresses as Prince Akeem for movie premiere, theater claps with praise

From Zamunda to Wakanda, theater patrons roared with applause as a man rolled up to the "Black Panther" premiere dressed in royal threads!

Black Panther fans, the wait is finally over because the highly-anticipated Marvel superhero film has finally hit theaters everywhere! FOX 5's Kevin McCarthey reviewed the film and trust us, you won't be disappointed.

So it comes as no surprise that people are tapping into their roots and going all out for the premiere. Like this one fella who showed up to a Woodbridge theater dressed as Prince Akeem from the popular 80's film "Coming to America."

Social media has praised the unknown man for his majestic efforts!

And for those wondering why this movie is a big deal-- it's more than just a film, it's a movement. Because for many, the cinematic film is a representation and inspiration for generations that have not been rightfully represented in comic book superheroes.