Best friends given 2% survival rate at birth beat the odds and walked the graduation stage together

Jodan (left) and Odin (right)  (Reddit - Timfrostyo)

Two best pals given a 2% chance of survival at birth defied the odds and graduated from high school together.

In a viral Reddit post from Tim Frost, he shared a heartwarming side-by-side picture of his son Odin Frost and bestie Jordan as kids on the first day of school and on graduation day.

The proud father explained that the pair were given a 2% chance of survival when they were born, would never walk and live in a vegetative state if they made it past seven years.

But the duo defied all the odds and have achieved the impossible by graduating high school—together!

The post was flooded with uplifting and supportive comments from fellow Reddit users sharing their joy and excitement for the graduates. 

Due to the pandemic, Odin could not have a proper birthday party or graduation-- like so many others-- and it put a damper on his spirits.

“But reading comment after comment congratulating our son and praising these boys actually turned out to be a way bigger celebration than we could’ve ever dreamed up.” Tim told FOX 5, “He is on cloud 99 feeling like a superstar.”

They’re really hoping their story reaches Odin’s favorite band The Roots.

If you’d like to follow Odin’s journey check out his Instagram page with daily uplifting videos.