Baylor professor cradles baby during class

"We tried for so long to have a baby when i was in the Marine Corps, it just never happened," says new mom Katy Humphrey's, adding, "we were living three hours apart and I don't know how but we got pregnant." The 33 year-old says gazing at 4 1/2 month old Millie, "it's just amazing, she's awesome."

So if they say a mother's love know no bounds, then you can understand why hers may stretch a little farther. "My husband works in Austin and I take her with me to Waco everyday when I go to school." That's when Millie spends a few hours with a sitter.

Her sitter bailed a few weeks ago as Humprey's was heading to Baylor from her Salado home. "I was about 15 minutes away from Waco and she sent me a text saying that she was sick and couldn't watch her."

But Humphrey's was determined not to miss her class, "I had emailed Dr. Willoughby saying, can I bring her to class today because he had previously told me if anything ever happens bring her to class."

And when she did, she says Millie started to squirm. "I leaned down to get her and Dr. Willoughby comes over and he's just standing over me and I was like, yes sir, and he says hand her up I want to hold her."

For the next 55 minutes, Dr. Darren Willoughby cradled little Millie in his arms, and it was all caught on video.

"With everything negative in the news that someone is showing compassion towards others it's wonderful," she says. But not a random act of kindness on her professor's part, "anybody that needs help with anything, he is there, he wants to make sure his students succeed in life, not just in the classroom."

And that's the kind of world she hopes her little girl will be raised in. "She doesn't know racism, she doesn't know hate, what she knows are people that smile at her, and people who want to hug her, and that's how it should be."