Baby boy gets confetti party from medical staff after final round of chemotherapy

Sometimes the only way to celebrate finishing chemotherapy is with a confetti party, and that’s exactly what 10-month-old Aaron got after he finally finished his treatments.

Gabby Rodriguez, Aaron’s mother, posted the video on her IGTV on April 18 from Duke University Hospital in North Carolina.

Hospital staff were seen lined up against the walls, showering Aaron with confetti as he rolled down the hallway.

“Aaron’s confetti party,” the post read. “Definitely one of the best days of my life.”

Aaron was diagnosed with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia at just 4 months old and had been getting treatment since then.

Alan, Aaron’s 4-year-old brother, is happy that his brother can finally be home with the family, according to their mother.

“He would go visit him at the hospital but after the coronavirus, it was a lot more restrictive,” Rodriguez said. “But now, he can be more playful at home.”

Aaron will be celebrating his first birthday May 30 and will have a huge accomplishment under his belt: He beat cancer.

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