Armed robbery at DC smoke shop caught on camera

A brazen robbery took place at a smoke shop in Northwest D.C., where authorities say a thief made off with cash and thousands of dollars worth of marijuana. 

And it was all captured on surveillance video.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning at Royal Tobacco, a business that sells vapes, hookahs, cigars, and recreational marijuana on Connecticut Avenue near Calvert Street NW. 

D.C. police are now seeking public assistance to identify the suspect involved in the armed robbery.

Surveillance footage obtained by FOX 5 shows the suspect dressed in black pants, a grey short-sleeved shirt, and a black mask. 

The video captures the suspect initially pretending to be a customer. He converses with an employee as if he is about to make a purchase. 

Suddenly, the suspect leaps over the counter.

Armed robbery at DC smoke shop caught on camera

In the top left corner of the surveillance video, the suspect can be seen pulling out a gun, though the image is somewhat unclear. 

The suspect orders the employee to the ground, allegedly threatening to kill him if he moves. 

He then proceeds to steal various items, including thousands of dollars worth of marijuana, bags of cannabis, weed products, and cash from the register. 

The suspect eventually exits the store with the stolen goods.

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Armed robbery at DC smoke shop caught on camera

The employee, who declined to speak on camera, was unharmed during the incident.

D.C. police urge anyone who recognizes the suspect or has information about the robbery to contact them immediately.