Allergy medicine shortage causing problems amid peak pollen season

This year’s allergy season is an intense one but if you’re suffering you may face even more challenges finding medicine.

Over-the-counter medicines are reportedly in short supply at stores.

FOX 5 checked inside a Target store in Northern Virginia, and it’s no exception.

Manufacturing insiders say the coronavirus pandemic is to blame, plus the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and the strict lockdowns in China.

It’s all reportedly impacting access to goods here in the United States.

Alan Davis, President and CEO of i5 Services, says one of the big challenges is we source everything from raw materials.


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The shelves were about half full in the medicine aisle of this Target in Dumfries, some stores the shelves were empty.

Some manufacturing gurus insist the US needs to explore alternatives to the supply chain crisis, including making goods in America.

This year’s allergy season is said to be one of the worst and right now we’re amid peak pollen season.

Harvard’s School of Public Health says the pollen counts are twice as high this year.

Navigating the supply chain crisis may require shopping around for medicine and other goods and exploring different brands.