5-year-old San Jose 'Wondergirl' battling cancer marks milestone

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Her family calls her Wondergirl. Last week five-year-old Giselle Contreras of San Jose marked a major milestone, receiving her last lumbar puncture as part of her treatment for leukemia.

"Finally, there is some light," said mom, Gabriella Medrano.

For more than two years now, Giselle has been undergoing cancer treatment at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford.

The lumbar punctures involve inserting a needle into her spinal canal. They're painful, can trigger lots of headaches, makes her dizzy and tired. The procedure takes a lot out of Giselle, according to Medrano.

For the next several weeks, treatment will include chemotherapy pills, but no scheduled visits to the hospital.

The family is anxiously awaiting the end of Giselle's treatment, and Medrano said the final stretch feels like it's taking forever.

KTVU Fox 2 first told you about this young superhero, when she celebrated her 5th birthday last month. It was a celebration that included a special surprise visit from a group of San Jose police officers Giselle had recently met.

As she does with most people she encounters, Wondergirl captured their hearts. She told the officers that she beat cancer and that made her a super-hero like them.

She went on to explain how she wants to raise money to "make medicine that doesn't hurt" to help her friends who are also going through childhood cancer.

So on the morning of her birthday celebration, officers showed up with gifts in hand and made her an honorary officer.

Giselle was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago on her third birthday.

"So her birthday's a big deal," said Medrano.

As her little girl underwent treatment and she began showing improvement, Medrano said she and her daughter launched a campaign to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

"It was time we gave back," said Medrano.

On a fundraising website, she wrote, "Giselle and I are calling ALL super heroes in the Bay Area and beyond to join forces to make a difference in continuing research funding" to help children with cancer.

Wondergirl and her Wondermom have been busy. In between visits to the hospital, they've been raising money for their cause.

On Nov. 11, on Giselle's final treatment follow-up visit, the young girl is set to present a $10,000 check for pediatric cancer research at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.

Giselle also plans to donate almost all of the gifts she received from her 5th birthday and give them to young inpatients at the hospital.

The gifts, that was all her idea, according her mom.

Her mother describes her daughter as compassionate and caring with a giving spirit.

"She is a very very happy child.... She doesn't dwell on what's going on right now." said Medrano of her daughter.

"She's aware she's fighting cancer and aware of her battle," but what she's really striving for and what she really hopes for is to be a "normal kid."

As this young superhero gets close to conquering this phase of her battle, Wondergirl is on her way to making that hope come true.

And as part of that battle, she's used a lot of her powers to help other superheroes going through the same fight.