22-year-old arrested in the fatal shooting of a DC transgender woman

Police have made an arrest in the death of a D.C. transgender woman found unconscious on the fourth of July.

Police say the victim, 22-year-old Gregory Dodds, known as Deeniqua Dodds was murdered during a robbery. It has taken weeks to catch the killer, but on Thursday morning police arrested 22-year-old Shareem Hall from District Heights.

Friends of Dodds were invited to the press conference on Thursday afternoon where they said she was a vibrant individual and had started feeling comfortable in her own skin.

Dodds aunt told us she was a sex worker, but Dodd was seeking help from a local organization that helps transgender people find work. The founder of that organization was at the press conference.

Police say it's still not clear if the fact that Dodds was transgender played a role in the crime, but it's a possibility, and so there could be hate crime charges associated with the case.