2 Florida men arrested for string of car break-ins in Fairfax County

Fairdax County Police have arrested two Florida men connected to numerous car break-ins at Fairfax County Parks.

Police say they have responded to several reports of car break-ins in the West Springfield District from May 23, 2022, to March 27, 2024. In several cases, the victim’s credit cards were later discovered to have been utilized at different stores.

The suspects have been identified as 43-year-old David Daniel Moraga-Nunez and 38-year-old Marcelo Sandoval-Barraza, both of Florida.

Police identified ten car break-ins across different county parks, including Hemlock Park, Fountain Head Park, and Burke Lake Park, during this period that they believed were connected.

The two suspects were arrested at a local motel in Springfield.

Nunez was charged with two counts of credit card theft, three counts of credit card fraud, two counts of identity theft, false identification to law enforcement, and possession of fictitious Identification. 

Barraza was charged with three counts of credit card theft, four counts of credit card fraud, three counts of identity theft, and possession of fictitious identification. Nunez and Barraza were held on secured bonds.