11 Prince George's County cops suspended after 'unintentional' shooting

Eleven Prince George's County police officers have been suspended after a shooting in a Brandywine home on Saturday night that investigators have described as "unintentional."

FOX 5's Paul Wagner reports that two off-duty officers were injured when an officer's handgun fired. One officer was hit in the hand while the other was struck in the leg.

"We are very fortunate that they were not seriously injured, but again we are using the word unintentional for a reason. We have not arrived at the point that we are saying accidental, but it is unintentional at this point. But we don't believe we have anything more sinister than that, but we do have two injured officers at a holiday party and we need to figure out why that gun went off," Prince George's County spokesperson Jennifer Donelan said.

Police say that the gun that went off was an officer's personal weapon, but they do not know what it was out of its holster.

One source told Wagner that the officer may have been trying to clear his weapon.