White deer spotted in Prince George's County

It's not every day you see a white deer grazing outside your home.

When Amanda Pritchett looked outside her porch she saw two deer, and much to her surprise one had a rather unique hide. Instead of the traditional honey brown coat, one deer was essentially all white with a light brown tapered head and a little black tip to its tail.

According to wildlife specialists, the deer described would be classified as a piebald deer-- not to be confused for an albino deer. The chances of a piebald deer being born are one in 1,000. An albino deer is much rarer and has a completely white hide and pink eyes, nose and hooves.

In the video player above, the white deer is seen casually grazing but when Amanda makes a kissing sound it quickly turns its head around, shortly after it takes off with its fellow friend.

Gotta love nature!