Real Christmas trees high in demand as people get into the holiday spirit early during the pandemic 

With holiday parades and festivals canceled, some stir-crazy families in the D.C. region have been preparing for a safe way to create special memories during the pandemic. 

That includes picking your own real Christmas tree which many vendors said Monday, has been in high demand this holiday season. 

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“It’s just going the extra length to make it even more special is worth it. I think just trying to grasp at those extra, like strands of joy, strands of making it feel more important, is worth it,” said Alexis Faubel of Northwest D.C

Some vendors like Gheen’s Trees on Idaho Avenue Northwest said that families had been tree-shopping nearly a week before Thanksgiving. 

“We were really scared about opening up with the pandemic but then we were surprised with being so busy,” said seller, Ricky Gheen.

And being busy is what caused some similar lots to run out of trees, over the past weekend. But the quick restock brought back a few people back on Monday night.

“It was around 5 p.m. and you know we were thinking about picking a tree but then they were all gone, there were a few lonely specimens left though,” said Roland Meeks of Northwest D.C.

Some people including kids told FOX 5’s Ayesha Khan that the daily Zoom calls, virtual learning and working from home has them so exhausted, that getting out of the house to pick a real Christmas tree, makes them forget just for a second, that the world is in the middle of Covid.

“This is actually helping to take the stress away because I just like getting outside instead of being stuck inside all day,” said student, Arthur Hurvitz of Northwest D.C

Even the National Christmas Tree lit up Monday evening. 

Due to COVID-19-related public health concerns, the National Park Service and National Park Foundation will not host a live audience at the 2020 National Christmas Tree Lighting this year.

The program was being recorded on Monday, Nov. 30. The site on the Ellipse was closed to the public during the recording.

The National Park Federation said that the show — featuring the lighting ceremony and holiday performances — will be available to stream on-demand throughout the holiday season.

“Many of us still have our health, our family near us and around us or the ability to reach out even if it’s virtually,” said Kelly Burriesci who was picking a Christmas tree.

“I try to look for the silver lining so I appreciate the holiday season really for what it’s intended.”