Prince George's County 'peeping tom' suspect arrested again, police say

A 37-year-old Hyattsville man who has been arrested multiple times for trespassing and "peeping tom" charges is behind bars again for burglary. This comes after reports of the man trying to break into at least 25 apartments that are affiliated with the University of Maryland College Park. 

Prince George's County police say Aaron Nysus has been arrested twice in the past five days and seven times since October 2014 for similar crimes.

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On Nov. 17, police say Nysus broke into a woman’s apartment on Knoxx Road and stood in front of her while she was sleeping. She woke up and he ran off.

Then, on Dec. 8, police were called to the 4300 block of Hartwick Rd. There, police say Nysus was seen on surveillance video checking the doors of 25 apartments, getting into four. He reportedly stayed inside for several minutes while residents were unaware of his presence.

Nysus was arrested and charged with trespassing and fourth-degree burglary in that incident, but he posted bond and was out before the weekend began.

Fast forward four days to Wednesday and police arrested Nysus again. This time for first-degree burglary and a "peeping tom" incident that happened in November.

Police say he was caught snooping inside a sorority house on the 4600 block of College Ave. in College Park on November 16. During that incident, police say Nysus was standing in front of a sleeping woman and when she woke up and he ran, but this time witnesses say Nysus stole a personal item from one of the women.

FOX 5 asked the police how a person is allowed to continually post bond when he’s proven to commit the same crime over and over again.

“We have made some requests due to the fact that he is a danger to the community and his propensity to re-offend the first thing is on the violation of probation warrant is to ask for a no-bond status. We believe based on those factors that he qualifies for that. And if by chance they do decide to give him a bond if he is released like he was released on Friday that he will be put on electronic monitoring. We’re taking some steps to make sure that we work with probation to make sure that he does not re-offend," said Maj. Sunny Mrotek. 

Nysus is being charged with a felony count of first-degree burglary and multiple counts of trespassing.