Pig found on Bacon Creek Road taken into 'custody' by Kentucky police

Pig found by Corbin Police Dept. on Sept. 16. (Credit: Corbin Police Dept.)

Police in Corbin, Kentucky found a unique inmate to take into custody earlier this month. 

According to the Corbin Police Department, officials received a call about a pig roaming loose in the community on Sept. 16. 

But the animal, affectionately named Porky, wasn’t found on just any street. They found the small pig strolling on Bacon Creek Road. 

The police department said the animal was taken into "custody," and then they posted about the animal on Facebook searching for its owner.

"Seriously, if you own this pig. He is in custody at the Corbin Police Department," officials wrote, adding, "Please hurry before the Corbin Fire Department gets hungry." 

Police Chief Rusty Hedrick said the pig’s owner came by the police station to claim the pig, following the post on social media. 

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This story was reported from Los Angeles.