Montgomery County woman in need of kidney receives life-saving gift

With a little help from FOX 5, a Montgomery County woman is getting a second chance at life after receiving a life-saving gift — a kidney transplant. 

Statia Betman says she saw FOX 5's story on how Chelsea Mai was on a mission to find a kidney donor. Right away Betman says she was inspired. 

The worst thing that could happen is the scars, Betman thought, but the procedure could also make someone feel a lot better. 

"I was raised by a single mom who always used to say those who have the means to help have the responsibility to do so," Betman said. "I’ve always been like that. And then my mom passed away a few years ago so ever since then, I’ve been trying to live that saying and leave it all on the paint."

Montgomery County woman in need of kidney transplant

On Tuesday, 29-year-old Mai met her kidney donor 30-year-old Betman. The two wanted to give each other a big hug following the surgery, but per the doctor's orders, Mai can't have close contact while she recovers. 

Mai was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in October 2018. For nearly two years, she was waiting for a match while she was on dialysis. 

Luckily, Betman saw our touching FOX 5 report back in April and knew she wanted to help.

Mai told Betman that she didn't save her life — she gave her life. 

"Someone who doesn’t really know you, but just feels the need to give, that’s like the best feeling in the world … Oh my God," Mai said. 

Mai's recovery will last three months and the first thing she says she wants to do is get a massage.