Montgomery County Executive Democratic Primary wrapping up; results appear mostly unchanged

After four days of recounting, election officials in Montgomery County say they are getting closer to finishing their work to determine who won the Democratic Primary for County Executive. 

It has been 34 days since Democratic voters cast their ballots for County Executive, and they still do not have a final winner. 

The first count had incumbent Marc Elrich leading challenger David Blair by 35 votes. After a weekend of ballot recounting, the results remain mostly unchanged.

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With 12 of the 13 districts tabulated and audited, Blair has gained four votes and Elrich has gained four. Both candidates gained zero votes after provisional ballot tabulation and auditing.  

Election officials tell FOX 5 that the 2018 recount only looked at a small sample of votes. This recount is looking at all 145,000.

"Yesterday we noted a change in districts one through twelve. Each candidate got one extra vote, and after Friday and Saturday, the Saturday count was one extra for Mr. Blair," says Dr. Gilberto Zelaya of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

Officials insist the recount has been smooth. However, there was a minor issue during the first day of recounting.

Montgomery Co. Executive Race: Marc Elrich claims victory as David Blair calls for recount

On Friday, four ballots wound up on the wrong pile which briefly threw off the count. Attorney for the Montgomery County Board of Elections Kevin Karpinski tells FOX 5 the issue was caught, rectified and the recount went on.

Both campaigns declined to comment on Monday, but barring a big swing in the recount, Elrich could wind up being re-elected as Montgomery County Executive by a little more than 30 votes.

The winner of the Democratic Primary will face Republican Reardon Sullivan in the general election in November.