Minnesota nurse survives 100-foot fall on Arizona hike

A Minnesota nurse is recovering at a hospital in Utah after falling 100 feet from a cliff while hiking in northwestern Arizona. Amber Kohnhorst, 25, of Rochester, Minn., was stranded for nearly 25 hours before she was rescued and evacuated.

Kohnhorst was out for a short hike on Rose Cliffs Trail on Friday, May 20 when she fell from a rock ledge. She fractured her back in three places and suffered a broken nose and crushed pelvis.

The owners of the Cane Beds Inn where Kohnhorst was staying noticed she hadn't returned from her hike by Saturday morning and called the sheriff's office. According to a GoFundMe campaign established to help with her recovery:

You can contribute at https://www.gofundme.com/AmberK