Marines rescue driver from flood water in incredible viral TikTok

A viral TikTok video with over 4 million views shows a group of Marines in full dress uniform rescuing a car outside of Arlington Cemetery that got stuck in rising flood waters during a downpour on the nation’s capital last Thursday, September 16.

"Definitely didn’t do it for attention or views or anything like that. Just trying to do the right thing when no one’s watching. In this case, somebody was recording, but it was cool to see the positivity that sparked from it," said Corporal Jared Tosner.

The Marine Corps Body Bearers were heading home from a 3 pm funeral service when they noticed a driver was in dangerous trouble on Columbia Pike near the Pentagon. There was a flash flood warning which caused the street to look more like a river.

The Marines walked over in knee height water, pushed the car past their bus under an overpass, and that is when police arrived on scene.


"We’re all pretty likeminded group of individuals, not just as Body Bearers, just as Marines and service members. More or less, we just want to lend a helping hand and be good to one another," said Tosner.

"Marine power!," the woman exclaimed full of emotion during the video. She added, "This is so cool. Oh my God, this is the most American thing ever. Thank you so much!" The driver was clearly thankful for the gentlemen’s help.

"If there’s anyone who’s going to help these people, it’d be us. We were the right ones for the job and hopped out without hesitation," said Corporal Mitchell Wojtowicz.

After speaking with those Marines, there is no doubt they are humble heroes!