Man, pets attacked by fox in Fairfax County

A possibly rabid fox bit a Fairfax County man, attacked a cat and tried biting a second man Thursday night near Alexandria.

Fairfax County police say officers responded to a call for a man bitten by a fox just after 9 p.m. Thursday. While on scene, officers got a second call about a fox biting a dog and trying to bite its owner in the same area. Officials also believe a fox attacked a cat in a nearby cul de sac.

The man who was bitten, Robert LaGow, spoke to FOX 5, saying he was coming back from loading up his pickup truck when he felt something on his leg.

"As I was crossing the sidewalk, it hit me in the back of the leg," said LaGow. "I guess he was under the truck or something. I didn't see him until it happened and it took me a little while to process what the heck is this. I thought it was a cat and when he kept coming back at me, I started kicking him away. He wasn't foaming at the mouth and it wasn't making any noise. He just kept coming at my leg."

LaGow says he went to the hospital where he received several rabies-related shots.

Animal Control says when coming into contact with an animal that may be rabid, people should get as far away from the animal as possible and call for help. If bitten, wash the wound right away with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately.

Authorities do not believe the fox responsible for the attacks was located. They are advising neighbors to accompany their pets outside.