Man holding baby arrested for not paying fare at Metro station

A video showing a father being arrested as he is holding his 1-year-old daughter in his arms after police say he refused to pay his fare while also threatening an officer has gotten the attention of people on social media. But the father charged in this case is telling a different story of what took place.

Leon Borum said he had his daughter with him and were on their way to the courthouse for an unrelated court case on Wednesday when he was stopped by a Metro Transit Police officer at the Congress Heights Metro station. Borum was due in court for a deferred sentencing case for a previous assault arrest back in November.

According to court documents, the officer said Borum was attempting to evade paying the fare. It goes on to say he entered an emergency gate without paying and the officer said he would write him a citation. But the officer claims when he was given false information and no identification, he told Borum to leave the station four times. When he refused, the officer escorted him out.

The court documents also say the officer said Borum told him to "come outside and fight me, I'm going to **** you up."

But outside of the courthouse on Thursday, Borum said that is not what took place and he claims the station manager knew him and allowed him to pass through the gate freely. He also claims he did not threaten the officer.

"I told him to get the **** off me -- yeah -- but I didn't tell him all of that," Borum said. "I just told him, 'Man, get the **** off me,' because there is no point of you grabbing me ... He told me to go upstairs. I told him I'm already going upstairs. There is no point of me going upstairs if you are grabbing me. If you are grabbing me, how am I going up the steps?"

He also explained, "I said, 'Man, look, you can ask the station manager. She told me I can go through the gate. But you never asked her.' No one asked her. She even came between us."

Borum was told by a judge to not return to the Congress Heights Metro station after his court appearance on Thursday. Borum's father was also at the courthouse and said his 1-year-old granddaughter is doing fine and was not injured.

Borum is facing charges of unlawful entry, resisting arrest, fare evasion and disorderly conduct for his latest arrest.

Metro said they are reviewing this incident to make sure procedures were followed properly.