Jealous ex-boyfriend shoots 7-11 employee in Silver Spring

Authorities say the shooting that took place at an Aspen Hill 7-11 on Sunday was caused by an employee's jealous ex-boyfriend.

According to police, at approximately 3:18 a.m. several officers from the Montgomery County Police Department responded to 14101 Georgia Avenue – the site of the Silver Spring 7-11 – for a shooting that had just occurred. 

Upon arrival, officers located two victims: Enrique Devaul and Kristie Thrappas. 

Devaul and Thrappas are both employees at the 7-11, according to court documents. 

An investigation revealed that Thrappas' ex-boyfriend, Zekale Long, shot at Devaul and the bullet grazed his midsection.

Devaul was treated by Fire & Rescue officials at the scene. 

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Officers located a single shell casing on a case of Bud Light beer that was directly beside Devaul when he was struck. 

Devaul apparently told police that he and Thrappas began dating around two weeks ago. Devaul also mentioned that Thrappas posted a photo on Facebook recently showing their relationship status and Long began replying with negative comments about the relationship. 

Thrappas told authorities that Long came to the 7-11 earlier in the night, bought a case of Heineken, and began a heated argument with Devaul after realizing he was the new boyfriend. 

Thrappas stated Long left and came back later and immediately began walking in the direction where Devaul was standing. Court docs show that she says she placed herself in between Devaul and Long. 


That's when her ex-boyfriend pulled a handgun out from his right pocket. Thrappas stated she tried to push Long away and Long pushed her to the ground. 

Thrappas said Long pointed the gun in Devaul's direction and she charged at him again as he fired a shot. Thrappas said Long put the gun back in his pocket and left. 

According to police, Thrappas mentioned that after the shooting she looked at her cell phone and noticed Long had been texting her after the first interaction he
had with Devaul.

Authorities who read the messages stated Long sent Thrappas a text saying, "I am going to jail tonight." Other messages show Long appeared to be upset by Thrappas and Devaul's new relationship. 

Long later called 911 from his mother's apartment and stated that he wanted to turn himself in. Officers responded and took Long into custody and transported him to the Montgomery County Police 4th District station where he confessed to shooting Devaul and stated he was "sorry and made a mistake."

The legal docs state that Long told police that he drove to an unknown wooded area somewhere in Gaithersburg and discarded the ghost gun he bought and put together himself in the woods. Long has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault, and firearm use in a felony/violent crime.